TMJ Treatment

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Our doctors will discuss your symptoms and examine your jaw. He or she will probably:

  • Listen to and feel your jaw when you open and close your mouth
  • Observe the range of motion in your jaw
  • Press on areas around your jaw to identify sites of pain or discomfort

If necessary we might need to take dental x-rays, CT scan, or refer you to get an MRI. 


For some people TMJ disorders may go away without treatment. If your symptoms persist, our doctors may recommend a variety of treatment options, often more than one to be done at the same time.

Nonsurgical Treatments

We offer a few different types of TMJ treatment. We may prescribe some medication along with some therapy. 

  • Pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. The doctors may prescribe stronger pain relievers for a limited time, such as prescription strength ibuprofen
  • Muscle relaxants. These are sometimes used for a few days or weeks to help relieve pain caused by TMJ disorders created by muscle spasms
  • Oral splints or mouth guards (occlusal appliances). People with jaw pain will benefit from wearing a soft or firm device inserted over their teeth
  • Physical therapy. Along with exercises to stretch and strengthen jaw muscles, treatments might include ultrasound, moist heat and ice